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Lance Ellington has become known as one of the UK’s most prominent male vocalist’s. Apart from recording and performing under his own name, his regular appearances on the BBC’s ‘ ’ have endeared him to millions of UK dance and music fans. His Charismatic style and sultry tones have entertained more than 30 million people all over the world.

His father was one of England’s most famous jazz personalities, who, along with his group’ performed as the house band on the legendary Goon Show.

Lance recently created the show ‘Ellington Sings Ellington’ where he skilfully blends the music of his father with that of Duke Ellington and some his own original compositions. He has just completed touring the UK with his eight piece band.

Lance, “It was fantastic to sing all the music that I love, including some of my fathers tunes. It’s amazing how many people just love songs like “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and “Let's Face The Music and Dance.”

His new album release Aspects of Ellington has just come out, (we hope you will have a listen using our ) please visit our store for more info..

Lance has worked with many of the worlds absolutely top recording artists’ including:

Sting, George Michael, Robbie Williams and Michael Jackson just to mention a few, and he is one of the UK’s busiest session singers lending his voice to all manner of records and adds.

He is looking forward to continuing to tour Ellington Sings Ellington and is starting to record a new album next year.

Strictly Come Dancing - The

Lance loves appearing on Strictly Come Dancing. The job requires the singers to be able to tackle almost any song in any key. They never know what songs they will perform until the very last minute so every week is a real challenge, especially considering that ‘Strictly’ is one of the few completely live TV shows.

Lance Ellington - Profile

Lance has appeared on so many records we're pretty sure even he has lost count. The list of 'A' list artists' is positively un-natual, Michael Jackson,Take That , Steps, Pet Shop Boy’s...

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Visit the Strictly Come Dancing Band website and buy their CD and download their mp3's @


Bruce Forsyth says about Lance

I new as soon as I heard the first track on his album that Lance is my kind of singer. I always admired his father Ray Ellington, and now it’s such a pleasure for me to admire Lance”.

With Lance being one of the featured singers on Strictly Come Dancing, whenever he does a solo it’s always so good to listen to, listening further through his album confirms to me that he is without doubt a singers singer, which puts him in a very special and exclusive society”..

Lance Ellington

Check out Bruce Forsyth and Lance performing a Ray Ellington favourite 'The Three Bear's'

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